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Introducing Pacific Insights

Pacific Insights provides its clients with the strategic edge in the Pacific Basin by:-

Pacific Insights can help companies and enterprises successfully expand their business interest into the sometimes volatile world of the South Pacific.

This part of the globe is a quilt of small, diverse countries spread out over vast areas with constantly changing political and economic landscapes. But is also an area that is undeveloped and full of potential, with many of its governments eager to develop their economies and enter into joint projects and enterprises.

Finding up-to-the-minute information about what is happening, who are the key players and what is going on behind the scenes is vital to anyone considering doing business in the South Pacific today.

The norms and habits of business practices in other parts of the world do not fit comfortably here. Without a guide, a company may head into economic quicksand. Pacific Insights can be that guide for you.

We know many of the people you need to know and much of the information you'll need, and we are experienced at quickly finding out what, and who you need to know.

Pacific Insights is a media and information consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. Its managing director, John Andrews, a long time journalist and media consultant of national prominence, has built an impressive network of invaluable and informed contacts throughout the South Pacific.

John has spent 40 years researching issues of prime public interest in the area, and meeting the people who make public decisions.

His extensive knowledge of South Pacific affairs and his instincts and experience in knowing where to go and who to see to obtain information make him an invaluable resource for those seeking such services.

John's career-long commitment to privacy issues, media ethics and professional confidentiality has also earned him the trust and respect of leading figures in the government and private sector throughout the Pacific region.